AnalogFest is a festival that celebrates analogue techniques with workshops, exhibitions, pop-up shops, parties and lectures by international artists including Anthony Burrill and Jon Burgerman. The festival would take old techniques and bring them back to life.

For the identity wise old Dutch sayings are designed in an old typeface that is transformed into a quirky modern version. To promote the festival the studio collaborated with local designers to make a large illustration on the venue’s windows.

The website needed of course to be as analogue as possible. Therefore, banners hand painted with the content were taken out into the street and each person presented a different banner in front of existing street webcams. This was recorded and placed into the site. On the site these videos are looped to give the impression of a live feed.

Trapped in Suburbia award

Finalist | 2011 European Design Awards



‘Experience Design’ high speed workshop | Nottingham Trent University | Nottingham, UK



‘Experience Design’ high speed workshop | ADCN club | Amsterdam, NL



Masterclass ‘Experience Design’ | New Design University | St. Pölten, AT

Masterclass | Torino Graphic Days | Torino, NL

Masterclass ‘Experience Design’ | ECV | Aix-en-Provence,  FR

Masterclass ‘Experience Design’ | Grafisch Lyceum | Rotterdam, NL



Make your own interactive Soundcard workshop | Droog | Amsterdam, NL

Masterclass ‘Experience Design’ | Augsburg University of Applied Sciences | Ausburg, DE

Masterclass ‘Experience Design’ | Nanjing University | Nanjing, CN



Masterclass ‘Experience Design’ | OpenSet | Rotterdam, NL

Masterclass ‘Experience Design’ | Falmouth University | Falmouth, UK



Masterclass ‘Experience Design’ | University College of Falmouth UK



Workshop ‘Graphic Interventions’ | Graphic Design Festival Breda | Breda, NL

Workshop ‘Playful Design’ | Falmouth University | Falmouth, NL

Workshop ‘Visual Storytelling’ | Taiga Institute | St Petersburg, RU


2007- 2010

Typography teacher at the Utrecht School of the Arts | Utrecht, NL



Speaker | Graduation festival | Nottingham Trent University, UK



Speaker | Something Good festival | Bristol, UK

Speaker | ADCN club | Amsterdam, NL

Speaker | Agrafa Conference | Katowice, PL



Speaker | Printing Solutions | Maarssen, NL

Speaker | Design Manchester | Manchester, UK

Speaker | Grafist Festival | Istanbul, TR



Speaker | European Design Award Conference | Istanbul, TR

Speaker | Out The Box | Hannover, DE

Judging ‘Poster project’ | Graphic Design Festival Breda | Breda, NL

Lecture ‘Experience Design’ | European Design Festival | Istanbul, TR

Lecture ‘Experience Design’ | Beyonderground Festival | Hasselt, DE

Lecture ‘Experience Design’ | Shanghai, CN



Lecture ‘Experience Design’ | Museum van Communicatie | The Hague, NL

Speaker | FESPA Conference | Munich, DE



Main speaker | DE.SIGN | Prague, CZ

Speaker | Graphic Design Festival Breda | Breda, NL

Speaker | PrintFarm | Taiga Institute | St Petersburg, RU

Judge | | Turin, IT

Speaker | Plug:Conference | Turin, IT



Speaker | Graphic Happiness | Museum Hilversum, NL

Lecture | Falmouth University | Falmouth, UK

Interview | What’s Up | Pakhuis de Zwijger, Amsterdam NL

Lecture | School of Visual Communication | Haderslev, DK

Speaker | Zeefir7 BNO | The Hague, NL



PechaKucha | The Hague, NL

Judge | Analog Fest national poster contest | The Hague, NL

Lecture | Falmouth University, Falmouth UK

Speaker | Raffles Design Institute | Shanghai, CN

Speaker | Don’t believe the Type | Shanghai, CN

Judge | Nieuwe Garde national poster contest | The Hague, NL


2007- 2010

Typography teacher | Utrecht School of the Arts | Utrecht, NL