Jobs and Internships

Job Openings

If you are interested in working at Trapped in Suburbia please do not send us a open application but subscribe to our newsletter or follow us on  Twitter. We don’t have any jobs available at the moment and due to the amount of daily email we cannot replay to open applications. Just follow us on social media and you’ll be the first to know when an opening comes up.


At the moment we have an internship available from January/Februari 2019. Send in your portfolios the sooner the better. Please send your PDF portfolio or website along with your motivation to or via post. We cannot reply to the applications that come in via other channels than the ones stated above due to the amount of daily email.

We take one intern for a period of three months. Please note that the internships are for educational purposes only and not seen as junior design positions.

Auto Play

This interactive installation part of Graphic Design Festival Breda 2015 is a series of Sound Posters that respond to passing movement. Displayed in the, an exhibition space along the entrance of a parking garage, the viewer can have only three seconds to drive past and view the posters.

Each of the twenty-five posters react to passing cars, cyclists and pedestrians producing individual sound bites that when heard together form a composition. In collaboration with Koen Herfst (drummer to Armin van Buuren among others) this installation forms an experimental interplay between analogue and digital, picture and sound.