The Twenty Year Yourney

Eurocontrol are responsible for the air-traffic management and regulation across the entire European airspace. This is an overwhelmingly complex task with a huge amount of responsibility and information. The Twenty-Year Journey marks the organisation’s anniversary and through clear infographics presents its detailed history in an easily comprehendible manner. Fold out pages accentuate certain infographics for maximum impact.

The book was presented to employees and associates in two hardcover editions. The standard edition is covered with grey linen and a limited special edition features a white leather cover with gold foiled text and edges.

Considering its enormous task and responsibility the Eurocontrol headquarters retains a calm, peaceful and controlled atmosphere. This is captured through a series of commissioned photographs included throughout the publication.

Knowledge economy monitor

This publication written by Kennisland (Knowledgeland) shows the situation in Dutch society regarding the future. Kenniseconomie Monitor 2010 (Knowledge Economy Monitor 2010) discusses in detail the value in strengthening knowledge to guarantee future prosperity and welfare.

As well as thorough reports, over ninety infographics printed in five fluorescent colours summarise the facts clearly and informatively throughout the book.