Flags of Peace | presentation of 44 peace flags created by international designers



Flags of Peace | presentation of 44 peace flags created by international designers



Deadorama | solo exhibition by Mc. Bess

Bring it on! | group exhibition of more than 50 designers and their favorite works

Trial & Error | solo exhibition by Brecht Vandenbroucke

Going Places | solo exhibition by Andy Rementer

Music to my eyes | Group exhibition with 160 record sleeves

Black and White are not colors | group exhibitions with 100 designers and 100 posters – in cooperation with



Really Shit | solo exhibition by Ian Stevenson

Don’t believe the type III | typography festival with workshops, lectures, exhibition | o.a. Niessen en de Vries, Mario Hugo, Sean Freeman, Si Scott, HORT, Jeff Canham



AnalogFest | festival on analogue techniques with workshops, lectures, exhibition | o.a. Jon Burgerman, Anthony Burill

More is a bore | group exhibition on minimalistic graphic design | o.a. Buro Destruct, Noma Bar, Leandro Castelao, Gorilla

Summer School | group exhibition of old school maps |
o.a. ROA, Ian Stevenson, Merijn Hos

Absurdism is our religion | group exhibition on absurdism | o.a. Gummbah, Andrew James Jones and Mudwig

Don’t believe the type II | typography festival Shanghai with workshops, lectures, exhibition | o.a. Underware, Trapped in Suburbia, Yomar Augusto

Bode, Botlek, Erosie | exhibition Luuk Bode, Daan Botlek en Erosie



Don’t believe the type I | typography festival with workshops, lectures, exhibition |
o.a. Alex Trochut, Luca Barcellona and Job Wouters

Jackyll & Hyde | solo exhibition Superoboturbo

You give me fever | Solo exhibition | Erwin van Amstel

Ship of Fools | opening group exhibition | with o.a. John Burgerman, Andy Rementer

Jobs and Internships

Job Openings

If you are interested in working at Trapped in Suburbia please do not send us a open application but subscribe to our newsletter or follow us on  Twitter. We don’t have any jobs available at the moment and due to the amount of daily email we cannot replay to open applications. Just follow us on social media and you’ll be the first to know when an opening comes up.


At the moment we have an internship available from January/Februari 2019. Send in your portfolios the sooner the better. Please send your PDF portfolio or website along with your motivation to or via post. We cannot reply to the applications that come in via other channels than the ones stated above due to the amount of daily email.

We take one intern for a period of three months. Please note that the internships are for educational purposes only and not seen as junior design positions.

Jaap Drupsteen – Designer | Explorer

To celebrate fifty-years as a practicing designer, Museum Hilversum held a retrospective exhibition on the work of Jaap Drupsteen. The exhibition showcases Jaap Drupsteen fruitful career and divides this into three sections.

The top floor presents his early audiovisual design (VPRO, Hadimassa etc) and printed objects (money, passport etc). Being a designer for screen, Drupsteen naturally starts working on black, hence the visitor enters a completely black space displaying only video work. After this the visitors moves to white – print work. Also on show are the original title rolls, all made by hand, inspiring a scrolling intro wall.

Since the exhibition features a large amount of video work a special audio system, the Sennheiser guidePORT, is used.  With the headphones on the user walks towards a screen or into a particular area and the audio is automatically heard. This prevents multiple audio tracks clashing and turning the exhibition space into musical chaos.

The Music Theatre is the second floor and displays many of Drupsteen’s theatre productions he created specifically for television. To create these unusual and inventive productions he became revolutionary in his use of chroma keying – the blue/green screen effect. To demonstrate this the visitor can experience live chroma keying by standing in a blue screen area and magically being positioned into one of Drupsteen’s works.

The lower floor presents his most recent work through two large scale projections. These are audiovisual compositions created for DJ and orchestral visuals and use a software developed by Drupsteen himself to achieve a perfect sync between image and sound.

Graphic Happiness – 100 Years of Dutch Graphic Design

Graphic Happiness consists of a publication, traveling exhibition and educational programme covering 100 years of Dutch graphic design. Travelling through China the exhibition showed work of over 60 designers highlighting their love of design.

A key part of the exhibition is the ball pit, which symbolises that the Netherlands lies below sea level. Due to the historic struggle with water, the Dutch had to be extremely inventive for hundreds of centuries. They had to design their environment in order to survive. From this necessity comes the Dutch theory that everything can be designed and forms the base to the distinctive, playful and clear Dutch design that is world-renowned. Each blue ball shows a portrait of a legendary Dutch designer or one of their designs so you can literally dive into Dutch design history.

The exhibition shows the work of over 60 designers and shows their love and passion for graphic design. Design is what makes these designers happy. It also bring the two countries, China and the Netherlands together, in an exchange of design knowledge and culture.

Based on the Chinese symbol of ‘double happiness’ and the Dutch flag (red, white and blue) the logo symbolises the two countries uniting in design. The logo is divided and produced as three different straps, which hold together the exhibition furniture and bind the publication. The logo is literally and metaphorically the binding factor in the whole design.

The flat pack furniture construction in combination with the strap fixtures provided an easily assembled solution for a travelling exhibit.

Trapped in Suburbia award
Silver | 2013 International Design Awards
Bronze | 2013 Hiiibrand Design Award

Grafisch Geluk

Grafisch Geluk (Graphic Happiness) presents 100 years of Dutch graphic design. It showcases the work of Wim Crouwel, Dick Bruna, Anthon Beeke, Otto Treuman and many more. The exhibition looks into designers trying to find happiness in their work, in graphic design.

Outside of design many people search for happiness in Las Vegas. The city has become synonymous with the idea. Inspired by the signs of Las Vegas the complete exhibition signage system is made from light boxes, turning the space into a dazzling display of iconic work and literally illuminating design history.

All the signage is black and white not to conflict with the vast array of colourful work on show.

Trapped in Suburbia award

Silver | 2012 International Design Awards

Design it Yourself

Design It Yourself is an interactive exhibition at the MOTI in Breda. In the exhibition both children and adults are challenged to work as designers. There are different elements for them to design such as: a magazine cover, a stop motion animation, a T-shirt or an icon.

Stop We Have Motion

A race against time to make a stop motion animation with all the moveable elements in the space. A camera positioned above captures the action below.

On The Cover

Again using the moveable objects but this time to make a magazine cover. This larger than life cover even allows the visitor to be part of their design. Similar a camera captures the final design.


This pictogram drawing contest machine works like a slot machine and gives a randomised obscure assignment. For example, “design a pictogram for: a swimming pool, for hamsters, in the desert” or “a parking lot, for annoying people, with humour.”

All the results are published on the Design it Yourself website so the visitor can always check their designs after and share it with friends.

Trapped in Suburbia award

Silver | 2012 International Design Awards
Finalist | 2012 European Design Awards