Seriously Funny

Sharp, groundbreaking or lighthearted? What are you allowed to joke about in satire? Where is the limit of the joke? In the exhibition Seriously Funny at the Institute of Sound and Vision, you will discover how satire makes you laugh, while exposing serious subjects, and why satire is so important.

Satire also gives a bit of friction. And Seriously Funny does not only gives friction figuratively but also literally because the walls are made of sandpaper. Through interactive elements and viewing fragments, objects and cartoons, the visitor discovers where his own satire boundaries lie. There are stools that turn out to be weighing scales, video screens that require you to put your head in a trash can, you can record your own satirical speech from the throne, test how quickly you are stepped on your toes, what your aftertaste is on this exhibition and your neatly completed visitor survey immediately get passed through the shredder. Let’s see what your sense of humor is about 😉

Additional photos by Jorrit Lousberg