Magical Miniatures

A colourful look at the Middle Ages

Step into the wonderful world of medieval miniatures full of color, fantastic creatures, animals, figurines and flowers. A magical universe presented on very small paintings that served as an illustration of handwritten books. Every tiny figure is a portrait, every landscape a glimpse into the life of those days.

In this exhibition we let the visitor experience that the Middle Ages were not as dark as most people expect. The colorful existence in the broadest sense of the word predominates in this exhibition.

We let the visitors be surprised by the craftsmanship, richness and beauty of the medieval books, introduce them to this craft by giving them the opportunity to make their own miniatures. At various places in the exhibition there were workplaces where certain parts of the craft are explained and you could make your own miniature. Explained is how to make the edge decorations, the miniatures, but also the calligraphic writing.

There are several other opportunities where you can experience the Middle Ages instead of just admiring. Like smelling a medieval book, browsing through a blow up version, or playing with a digital blow-up and digital books.

“It was embarrassing how happy we were. Professors from Princeton, Harvard, everyone was stamping and gluing stickers. Have not seen any manuscripts: -D “ (twitter)

Spent over 2 hours drooling (not salivating, mind) over manuscripts at the Utrecht @catharijne convent museum. It’s not just the manuscripts but whole ‘deco’ which is wonderful to walk through! (twitter)

The NRC national newspaper came on 19 March with a praising review, 5 out of 5 stars.


Additional photos by Billie-Jo Krul