Experience Design Manifesto

In today’s world, design alone isn’t enough. Available technology can turn anyone into a designer. Design has been democratized. What a designer really needs is the ability to tell stories. To share ideas and experiences in a way that connects.

The strength of an original idea is more necessary than ever.

We believe in design that aims deeper. Design that sparks inner excitement, plays with universal feelings and opens your eyes to the world around you. Design that makes you smile.

The smile not being a reaction to a joke but the signal of more complete and pleasurable fulfillment found within. It is the result of your mind working, figuring out the puzzle, joining the links, connecting the dots. The smile is the expression of contentment and satisfaction, of intelligence and ingenuity.

We believe in design that frees your inner child, asking you to remove all insecurities to be fully immersed. Play!

Our designs are open. Some only come alive through your use. Some need be started, others need to be completed. Involving you results in something far more tangible. Ideas become physical. Abstract becomes concrete.

We skip the representation and embody an idea in the actual. By distilling a complex problem into something more succinct we capture the true essence. This essence is everything. It is the start point and the end point. It is the message and must be crystal clear.

Our job is done. We present you a clear message in a clear container. It is now that we challenge you to open that container. But why in this age of convenience would you want to put in effort? Because we know that little bit of effort produces something more memorable. Something heartfelt and something that lasts. Something real. That something is an experience. And that is what we design.

And so we preach to all designers…

Tell me and I’ll forget
Show me and I may remember
Involve me and I’ll understand